by Venomous Breath

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released July 2, 2014

Venomous Breath is:

Thiago Macedo - Vochaos & Morbid Screams
Felipe Rodrigues - 666 strings of doom
Jairo Tellys - Four gallows of severed survivors
Jaime Guimarães - Sickly drums and deadly intentions

Recorded Un-dead between march/april 2014 at CL Studio
Mixed and Mastered by Cristiano Costa
All songs and lyrics by Venomous Breath

Cover art by Fernando JFL (Giotefeli Anti Arte)
Logo by Junião Locomotiva & Allan Gomes
Layout by Felipe Rodrigues



all rights reserved


Venomous Breath Campina Grande, Brazil

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Track Name: Domus Mortem
Blood everywhere
Screams of terror in the basement
Glittering Lnives, sharp
I feel the smell of death

Sharpening the cold blade
I feel the look of desperation
Last cry for life
Faded in the Domus Mortem

Skinning the victim alive
With careful not to kill him
The smell of blood intoxicates me
The screams sound like music

Wearing your skin moist and warm
In desperation the victim watches me
I leave him bleed to death
His grave will be the Domus Mortem
Track Name: Banished from Heaven
The demon on his road, Banished From Heaven
Walks this earth: slaughter rape and wreck
The triumph of pain, in front the feast
Emerge the sacrifice, Lucifer’s incest

Mankind defeated!
Honor or defeat!

Speeches of the wise man reveal the absurd
Ancient prophecies of a condemned life
Front of the altar, the last votes
Now hostages of a senseless belief

The hope is gone!
Rejection to death!
Fronts of resistance!
Empty heroism!

Condemned of the earth, unite
In revolt, make rebellions
Curse traditions reduced to dust
Exalt the new creation
Track Name: Empty Life
Empty Life
Nothing Else is worth
The light shine no more
There’s no hope for tomorrow

There’s no consolation
Neither escapism bummer
Neither the heat od dawn
Neither the scent of old

Everything is dead
the colors and sounds
The light in my eyes
And hope in me

There’s death everywhere
putrid smell nauseate me
Living in a world deceased
Living in a world of rot

There is no god waiting for me
Neither son sacrificed for my sins
There’s no eternal paradise of peace
Only torment of my existence

Everything is dead
the colors and sounds
The light in my eyes
And hope in me

Only Death is real
I don’t want to postpone the unavoidable
Why live when I can embrace
The icy queen of eternal rest

Empty life
There’s no light at the end of tunnel
No more life in this carcass
and tomorrow it starts all over again.